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Origin: Aspers, PA
  • A single variety Goldrush cider created for Prohibition Taproom in conjunction with Philly Beer Week 2017 - fully dry with citrus notes in the aroma and pleasant sharpness on the tongue.

  • Humulus lupulus is the Latin name for hops, the flowers that give an IPA its grassy flavor. Citra hops, matched with the sweetness of Jonagold and the tartness of Gold Rush apples, yield a mouth-watering cider with subtle sweetness. Big and brassy, yet balanced. 8.5% ABV.

  • Rugged authenticity can be hard to find. Bluesman Robert Johnson found it at The Crossroads. We found ours in two backyard crabapple trees and this unfiltered cider from their fruits. That Crossroads town, those apples, and this cider share a common name - Rosedale.