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Origin: Cleveland, OH
  • Brewed with our friends with the unmistakable pink silos, Malley’s Chocolates. This salted caramel chocolate milk stout incorporates Malley’s famed salted caramel that lends a luscious, silky smooth body and will satisfy even the most child-like sweet tooth. Overtones of vanilla, chocolate, and caramel give way to a rich and heavy body with enough warmth to keep you cozy through this interminable winter.

  • Brewed with Simcoe and Michigan Chinook, this haze-filled wonder is a pineapple bomb that drinks smooth and is nougat-like chewy. 6.8% ABV.

  • A modern sour take on a beloved dessert. This berliner weisse is brewed with Lime, Raspberry, and Orange that helps lend a refreshing and sweet fruit fusion.