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Origin: Atlantic Highlands, NJ
  • Mexican Coffee is a continuation of the Regular Coffee game. Our golden imperial coffee cream ale has been finished on Tequila wood and homemade coffee syrup. Much like Regular Coffee looks to evoke an amusing version of the acidic bitter coffee curbed by milk and sugar that starts a day in a paper cup, Mexican Coffee addresses it as a rendition of sweet coffee in a cordial glass, touched with coffee liqueur and tequila. 12% ABV.

  • It doesn’t matter what we brew
    as long as we mix wheat and citra
    That makes us feel we’ll convey some juicy notes or fruit impression
    To confuse the issue we will add
    Some pleasant yeast, from far away
    Plus some Vic Secret for good measure
    No matter how much we resist the bend
    Some dry-hopping causes our resolve to break
    Because the hops bring us back
    On that we can rely
    The hops bring us back