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Origin: King of Prussia, PA
  • I’ve always wanted to brew a pilsner that showcases a blend of traditional noble hops. Noble hops provide the quintessential herbal and spicy characteristics for which the style is traditionally known. German hop breeding programs continue to develop new varieties that honor this heritage, and we plan to incorporate a blend of old and new varieties to achieve that character. We round out this pilsner with imported pilsner malt that adds gentle notes of honey for balance. 5.2% ABV.

  • Despite a higher ABV and intensely hopped character, this beer is smooth, clean and amazingly drinkable. A strong, complex mix of fruity, American hops results in notes of tropical melon and a hint of residual sweetness that mutes any potential of unwanted bitterness. A fantastic representation of a balanced DIPA. 9% ABV.

  • Similar to a Hefeweizen, these southern German wheat beers are brewed as darker versions (Dunkel means "dark") with deliciously complex malts and a low balancing bitterness. Creamy and full-bodied, this beer is smooth, hazy and has a banana bread-like character. 5.3% ABV.

  • This traditional golden lager made famous by the brewers of Munich is brewed exclusively with German malt and hops to produce a well-balanced beer. Subtle, malty notes reminiscent of lightly toasted bread and biscuit finish with a touch of spicy noble hops. A clean lager fermentation allows these raw ingredients to come together in a crisp, easy drinking lager. 5% ABV.

  • A blend of wheat, oats, and Pilsner malt form the background for this hop-centric ale. These soft undertones offer the perfect platform to launch a barrage of juicy American hops exploding with tropical fruit and citrus aromas. This unfiltered beer showcases a resinous dry-hopping to help keep the bitterness levels lower than traditional American IPAs, however, it still yields an abundant level of hop character. 6.7% ABV.

  • 1 Bar(s) Serving Workhorse Pale Ale

    Style: See where it's pouring

    Both Dan and I love Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale, a true classic and wonderful representation of the style. With that stylistic framework in mind, we set out to brew a traditional American Pale Ale, ripe with citrus hop flavor and aroma, balanced by caramel malts. This beer is a welcome addition to our family of Ales and gives us a lower ABV, yet hop-forward brew great for year-round consumption. 5.5% ABV.

  • 1 Bar(s) Serving Workhorse Sour IPA

    Style: See where it's pouring

    Loaded with bright, tart citrus thanks to aggressive dry hopping, the Sour IPA is all about striking a perfect balance between acidity and hops, with a low ABV that lends itself to a delightfully sessionable character. 5% ABV.

  • Copious amounts of hops are boiled in the wort kettle to provide the characteristic bitterness the style is known for, but they also provide unique essential oils that impart fruity and citrusy flavors and aromas. Resinous dry-hopping amplifies these flavors and aromas without increasing the bitterness. All of this is balanced by a clean malt profile exhibiting biscuit and light caramel flavors. 7% ABV.