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Origin: Brooklyn, NY
  • Uses the highest-quality, floor-malted base malt, which lends a full-bodied and rich caramel flavor. Mashed at high temperatures and generous amounts of specialty malts added to further emphasize a strong foundation of malt as leverage for our generous additions of hops...Which are indeed generous. Uses a total of three different hop strains, and add a total of six different additions throughout the process. The Bengali Tiger has a hoppy snap upfront, but strides at a steady pace, and finishes balanced. 6.5% ABV.

  • 3 Bar(s) Serving Sixpoint Hi-Res

    Style: IPA See where it's pouring

    Brewed with massive amounts of late-addition, new-age hops, Hi-Res eschews raw bittering force in favor of lush aroma and hop essence. A full golden body, and a flavor profile driven by mango and passionfruit notes make Hi-Res a bittersweet ode to hops, and perfect for smooth sipping. 11.1% ABV.

  • A little schtinky, a little briny, tart in the back end and absolutely crushable. 4.2% ABV.

  • 1 Bar(s) Serving Sixpoint Stun Gun

    Style: IPA See where it's pouring

    Stun Gun is a tropical blast of mango and pineapple puree combined with a serious hop aroma—then it shocks you on the back end with a tangy finish. 6% ABV.

  • Tripel Take has a complex, yeast-driven flavor profile layered with notes of wildflower honey and unsubtle coconut. 9% ABV.