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Origin: Lansdale, PA
  • A brilliant toasty richness paired against skillfully layered pumpkin spices. Boasting hints of vanilla and gingerbread flavors, this medium bodied, balanced beer gently riding the coattails of a thick cloak of balanced ale goodness. Tasty. Distinct. Dark. These Dead Souls will be dancing. 4.5% ABV.

  • Fear of a Brett Planet infuses rich caramel characteristics of a hearty English Amber with the dominant citrus flavor of an IPA. Moderately bittered and medium in body, this Pale Ale ferments down to a whopping 1.003 FG! Clean. To the Point. Brettynomyces bruxellensis shows up and takes care of business without imparting any sour, acetic, or barnyard flavors. No Sour. No traditional Brett character. Simply fermented for sweet IPA goodness. 5.4% ABV.