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Origin: Rio Grande, NJ
  • Cape May is home to the Coast Guard, so we salute those who are Always Ready with a juicy, Northeast Pale Ale. With the addition of wheat and oats for a medium body and with brilliant aromas of tropical fruits like pineapple, mango, and citrus zest, this lush hop-bomb is Always Ready. 4.8% ABV.

  • Juicy, soft, low bitterness, aromas of pineapple and passionfruit brewed with golden promise and wheat featuring Citra and Vic Secret hops. 6.2% ABV.

  • When most folks thing of Cape May they imagine Victorian Inns and parasols. Forget all that. Devil’s Reach is a narrow passageway in Cape May Harbor and is a fitting name for this beer. Why you ask? The Devil’s Reach is smooth and complex. It glides like a shark through the water and will swallow you whole. At 8.4% ABV, this Belgian is a beast.

  • An English porter made with local Cape May honey. Brewed with hallertau hops the beer has restrained roasty characteristics that make it unique from stouts. 5.5% ABV.

  • 1 Bar(s) Serving Cape May IPA

    Style: IPA See where it's pouring

    Our flagship beer, this is a slightly bitter American IPA. We load it with a hop blend that provides the floral and citrus notes, lending a quintessential American west coast profile. Dry hopped with almost a pound per barrel, the beer encapsulates your senses until you’re left wondering where the rest of your brew went. 6.3% ABV.

  • We believe that beer is the Great Unifier, meant to bring people together. Whether you spend your weekdays working a 9 to 5 or the weekends cheering on the home team, at the end of the day, we can all come together over a cold beer. With that in mind, we brewed a beer that would make everyone’s taste buds happy: Cape May Lager. 4.8% ABV.

  • Captain Henry Sawyer of the first New Jersey Calvary was shot and imprisoned by the Confederacy during the Civil War. His life was spared when he was 'swapped' for a Union prisoner, the son of General Lee, and he survived the war and settled in Cape May. With this badass story in mind, we brew Sawyer's Swap, an American style Barlywine with an intensely complex malt bill and an assertive hop profile. 9.6% ABV.

  • This crushable Belgian-style wheat ale is sure to be your go-to drink this summer, with citrus on the nose and an easy-drinking yet firm body. Aimed at the adventurous beer drinker, Summer Catch is approachable enough for the as-yet-uninitiated craft beer lover. 5.5% ABV.

  • Our lightest and most refreshing fruit beer to date. Made with local cranberries the beer is light enough to enjoy on those hot summer days. 3.75% ABV.