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Origin: Ridgefield Park, NY
  • Loaded with oats for a silky smooth base, we super charged this one, going pedal to the metal with our hand selected Cascade and Cascade powder, Citra and a touch of Centennial. As this juicy brew was racing to the finish line we gave it a little burst with freshly grated orange zest.

  • Brewed with oats and wheat with a whisp of milk sugar this Sour DIPA is conditioned on hundreds of pounds of fresh apricot and tangerinepuree and dry hopped with some of our favorite citrusy hops.  8.1% ABV.

  • From the first time we caught a whiff of Strata we couldn’t wait to SEE what we could do with it. We threw down a super soft and silky base of flaked and malted oats with a touch of wheat and post boil hit it with Simcoe and Idaho 7 before fermenting away with our favorite juicy yeast. Hopped to the brim with Strata, Idaho 7 and Simcoe lupulin. A wallop of tropical fruit hitting so hard that you’ll be seeing doubull! 8.1% ABV.