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Origin: Aston, PA
  • This pilsner is a kellerbier style, an unfiltered pilsner allowing the full flavors of the malts and hops to shine. A clean, crisp, grassy beer designed to quench your thirst during the warmer months. 5% ABV.

  • Crisp, clean & crazy refreshing, this grisette is the opposite of everything you’d expect. 4.5% ABV.

  • Rich & roasty with exceptional balance. This is the go-to choice for dark beer lovers. Look for warm notes of fresh coffee, chocolate & bright hops.  6.0% ABV.

  • 2 Bar(s) Serving 2SP Baby Kerri

    Style: Stout See where it's pouring

    Ruby & Bob took Baby Bob, our American Stout, and aged it in American Oak barrels with Nebbiolo grape must for six months. This beer is complex. Think coffee, chocolate, berries, grape, tobacco, oak, wood, & some funk. 6.5% ABV.

  • 4 Bar(s) Serving 2SP Bellcracker

    Style: IPA See where it's pouring

    In a word: dank. Wave after wave of pine, fresh tropical fruit & bitterness. The sneakiest of all our beers, the alcohol is extremely well hidden. Fair warning. 8.7% ABV.

  • Best Wishes, 9.5%, Imperial Saison, or, as we’re fondly calling it, a “Super Saison.” This was brewed with Belgian base malt, wheat, oats, rye, and dry hopped with American Amarillo hops. The malt, hops, and yeast give it a delicate spicy flavor, pungent aroma, and the alcohol content gives the beer a medium body. “Best Wishes” was designed to be enjoyed with friends and loved ones while bringing in the new year. 9.5% ABV.

  • Bob’s stamp on the world of beer. Deep, dark layers of espresso & dark chocolate that fade into a long, lingering finish full of hops & dried fruit. Aged in bourbon barrels, providing vanilla notes blend with the dark chocolate flavor 9% ABV.

  • Bourbon St. Seditious, bourbon barrel-aged Barleywine, was aged for 18 months in bourbon barrels. 11% ABV.

  • Belgian IPA, our second collab with Brouwerij De Ranke. This time they did a Belgian IPA fermented with De Ranke’s unique yeast blend and hopped it with a generous helping of whole leaf cascade hops. 7% ABV.

  • This is a blend of two of Bob’s biggest and most impressive favorites, The Russian & English Barleywine. 10% ABV.

  • Collaboration with Industrial Arts. Classic German malts meet up with a relatively new hop varietal that gives this beer an extra juicy citrus character. 6% ABV.

  • 1 Bar(s) Serving 2SP Cold Cock IPA

    Style: IPA See where it's pouring

    A more classic take on a very popular style. This British-inspired IPA balances earthy, herbal hops with subtle caramel malt undertones. 6% ABV.

  • Our no-frills, straight-up everyday classic lager. With a focus on quality ingredients & perfect technique, Delco Lager is the beer to reach for at the tailgate, at happy hour…hell, any time. 4% ABV.

  • Blasted with a ridiculous amount of pure Galaxy and Citra hops over the course of two dry-hopping sessions, this brew comes in with a massive wave of fresh citrus & tropical fruits before crushing you with an intensely dry & bitter finish.  9% ABV.

  • Dry rustic & dangerously drinkable, our farmhouse ale does a great job balancing aromatic floral notes with subtle spiciness. A healthy dose of Brett adds some really nice shades of fruit. 7.5% ABV.

  • 1 Bar(s) Serving 2SP Rolled Out

    Style: Stout See where it's pouring

    This semisweet chocolate oatmeal stout has a smooth and creamy mouthfeel. 5% ABV.

  • 3 Bar(s) Serving 2SP The Russian

    Style: Stout See where it's pouring

    Bob’s stamp on the world of beer. Deep, dark layers of espresso & dark chocolate that fade into a long, lingering finish full of hops & dried fruit. 9% ABV.

  • Not only did our friends from Post Typography design the can, but they helped Bob & Ruby create and brew the recipe. They brewed a super clean, hoppy Pilsner using Calypso and Saphir hops, giving the beer notes of citrus, red berries, and pear. 5.5% ABV.

  • 7 Bar(s) Serving 2SP Up & Out

    Style: IPA See where it's pouring

    Brewed with Simcoe, Cascade, & Mosaic hops. It’s got a big aroma, moderately bitter, and is earthy with notes of stone fruit, berry, & citrus. 6% ABV.

  • Barrel Aged Smoked Porter. Aged for 9 months in Cabernet Sauvignon barrels. The aging has subdued the smokiness and has allowed the grape characteristics to blend in nicely. The barrels lend for a great depth of wood and oak. 7% ABV.

  • Extremely refreshing with bright citrus notes & just the right amount of tartness. Brewed with orange peel & coriander for some added spice.  4.2% ABV.

  • This is a stick-to-your-ribs red IPA for the colder months. Tons of juicy, citrus hops with a big, sticky malt body that helps balance the bitterness. 7.2% ABV.