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Style: Pale Ale
Origin: Atlantic Highlands, NJ

Each autumn's hop harvest presents an opportunity to assess yearly variation in flavors. Some are broad across all the plants in a region, others are specific to unique clones & certain farms. Each fall we choose two different varieties to add to our Harvest Ale. The first we receive straight off the bines & add it wet in the whirlpool. The second we add whole cone as a dry hop. Our base is a simple pale with a touch of rye spiciness to be seasonally appropriate with enough heft to support the selected hops while otherwise existing to flaunt the year's crop's nuances. Harvest 2017 was wet hopped with EXP #07270 from Emerald Ranch & dry hopped with Ekuanot from B.T.Loftus Ranches. 6.2% ABV.

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