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On Tap

  • 1 Bar(s)

    Big Hill For Fox Sake

    Style: Cider
    Origin: Gardners, PA

    Available exclusively at The Whip Tavern, For Fox Sake Cider is a delicious fruit forward off-dry English style cider made from apples that are grown, pressed and fermented at Big Hill Ciderworks in G...

  • 1 Bar(s)

    BrewDog Punk IPA

    Style: IPA
    Origin: Scotland

    A beer of inherent contradiction. This heavy weight of the beer world is strikingly delicate with a white gold appearance. The light fruity aroma dominates the initial confrontation; lychee, kiwi and ...

  • 3 Bar(s)

    Doylestown R5 Lager

    Style: Pilsener
    Origin: Doylestown, PA

    The R5 Lager is our Flagship beer and we feel it is today's generations Lager. Crafted from an original PA recipe that dates back to the 1800's but with today's twist 4.6% ABV.

  • 2 Bar(s)

    Flying Dog Doggie Style

    Style: Pale Ale
    Origin: Frederick, MD

    Dry Hopped with a load of Cascade hops grown in the Pacific Northwest. Doggie Style has enough hop character to satisfy hop-heads, but isn't overpoweringly hoppy. It's brilliant amber-copper color and...

  • 21 Bar(s)


    Style: Stout
    Origin: Ireland

    Ingredients: Pale ale malt, about 25 to 30% flaked barley, and about 10% roasted barley, with no other grains or sugars; several hop varieties, mainly Goldings (pellets and isomerized extract); a floc...

  • 7 Bar(s)

    Long Trail Mostly Cloudy

    Style: Wheat/White/Weizen
    Origin: Bridgewater Corners, V...

    A mostly cloudy body is capped with a light, fluffy head that reveals soft notes of citrus and spices. Whether you prefer partly sunny or mostly cloudy, this brew will happily keep your glass half ful...

  • 2 Bar(s)

    Morland Old Speckled Hen

    Style: Bitter/ESB
    Origin: England

    Full, smooth flavor and is very easy to drink. Its rich amber color and superb fruity aromas are complemented by a delicious blend of malty tastes. Toffee and malt combine with bitterness on the back ...

  • 5 Bar(s)

    Smithwick's Ale

    Style: Amber
    Origin: Ireland

    Exceptional taste, distinctive colour and purity of ingredients make it unique. Smithwick's is produced using the finest hops and special roasted, malted barley. 5% ABV.

  • 6 Bar(s)

    Weyerbacher Wit

    Style: Wheat/White/Weizen
    Origin: Easton, PA

    Wit is a thirst quenching beer that combines character and flavor with a moderate alcohol content. In the nose you'll notice spiciness from the coriander seeds and dried curacao orange peels added du...

  • 35 Bar(s)

    Yuengling Lager

    Style: Bock
    Origin: Pottsville, PA

    Has a deep amber color and a mild hop character.